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In order to reduce the time spent waiting to rent material, it is advised to have made out a list, in advance, of the people concerned, containing the following information: surname, first name, height, shoe size, ski-level, and if possible mentioning the category desired. If the category is not mentioned the material will be allocated according to the individuals level. The material will thus be ready, and labelled for you, on your arrival. All that's left to be done is to try on the material and make any necessary changes. The reservation method is easy; simply fill out the prebooking form (one per family) with the aid of the attached Information and Price Guide. 
If you choose the weekly rate, you will benefit from the Interrental rate, as indicated in the attached colour brochure.

This can be done in any of the 5 Intersport shops:
- Morzine: Rue du Bourg
Ski service
- Avoriaz : Les Fontaines Blanches or Places des Ruches
- Les Gets : Immeuble Le Ranfolly
The material can also be delivered directly to your place of residence, in which case a completed reservation form must be given in to us. 

  Material can be changed in any of the 5 shops in MORZINE, and AVORIAZ. 

  How to prevent the risks?
There are 2 types of guarantee:
1 for the person, 1 for the material
1) COSTS FOR MEDICAL ASSISTANCE to persons, and personal responsibility on the ski slopes. We advise you to buy the Carré Neige, either per day or for several days, giving up to a maximum of 10 days cover. This is available to buy only from the ski lift-pass offices. 
1. Conditions with guarantee*
Example: You have rented out the skis "EVOLUTION" for 6 days. The guarantee option costs 6.5 €. In case of theft, all you will be asked to pay is an excess to the sum of 3 days rental (37.50 €). A declaration from the police concerning the theft must also be shown. 

Our advice on how to prevent theft and damage
1. Watch out for the theft of skis. 
· Don't leave both skis together in front of a bar/restaurant, or the ski lift-pass offices. They may be stolen. You might have to pay for them.
· We recommend that in these areas, you separate the skis and swap one of your own skis with another persons one, thus having an odd pair of skis.
· This technique helps prevent the theft of skis.
Don't forget to swap skis before going off and leaving them.
· Snowboards cannot be guaranteed against theft.
2. Be careful not to damage the material.
· The guarantee against breakage may be withdrawn in the case of insufficent snow cover.
· Ski poles broken on the chair-lift
So as not to break the ski poles (and your arms!), remove your hands from the poles handgrip, and strap, before getting on the ski lift. Then taking both poles midway down the tubes, hold them out in front of you, and simply sit down on the ski lift. A broken pole will be billed to you at 6 € per pole.
· Don't wait until the last moment to check if your material has been damaged.
During the stay, don't hesitate to return to the shops for any necessary running repairs (especially to the base of skis).

2. Conditions without guarantee : Without guarantee against theft, the cost of the material will be billed directly to you in accordance to the price list as marked on the rental contract. Example: "EVOLUTION" skis will cost between 153 and 244 €..
*This insurance constitutes an abandonment of any possible legal action on the part of INTERSPORT against an individual.

Prestige : 1,5 Euro
Junior : 1 Euro 
Performance : 1,5 Euro
Child : 1 Euro 
Evolution : 1,5 Euro
Adult snowboard : Non assurable 
Skiboard : 1,5 Euro
Junior snowboard : Non assurable 

The material should be returned directly to the shops. The material can also be collected from your place of residence if this service was requested at the beginning of your stay. A meeting place will thus be organised so as to allow for a control of the material.  

On reservation, a 'deposit' on the rental material, in the form of a cheque to the sum of 7.50€ per person, will be asked for. The remaining balance must be paid to the shop during the stay 

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